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At the Mota Method Academy, we believe in leading by example, our instructors’ course is much more than just learning how to instruct someone through a breathwork experience. Instead, it is an invitation to the most transformative journey you will go through in order to become the best version of yourself.

We believe in “doing the work” before “teaching the work”. Our instructor course opens the door to improved mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The Mota Method instructors are constant students, and their job is not to give suggestions and/or answers but to guide clients to their own answers, in a way that is safe and effective. So if you are ready to transform your life and help others to do the same, contact us.

Training will include:

  • Ten days Mota Method intensive instructor camp in a very PRIVATE SMALL setting ( Maximum of 8 students per course)
  • Understanding trauma and the consequences of hidden stress in our body
  • Learning how to use The Mota Method framework to guide individuals and groups into transformative sessions
  • The student will guide and be guided daily by the other students from day one under Sandro Mota supervision
  • How to perform an online session
  • Each student will have continuous and unlimited online support during their practical 40 sessions required to receive their final diploma


Before I embarked on The Mota Method instructor training, I felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. The prospect of learning something new intrigued me, but I also found myself hesitating as the days approached. Having already participated in three transformative sessions with Sandro – two on land and one in water – I was aware of the power and depth of this method.

The ten days of intensive training for the instructor course were undoubtedly challenging, both physically and emotionally. However, the journey turned out to be incredibly enlightening and fulfilling. The initial days proved to be tough as I confronted some deeply entrenched barriers within myself. Sharing these profound moments with a class of five, where we all opened up about our darkest experiences, was a cathartic experience that set the stage for what was to come.

As the training progressed, we delved into additional aspects such as re-birthing and underwater sessions that connected us back to our own births. One remarkable encounter was sharing this profound experience with another Mota Method instructor, Paul, which forged a unique bond between us.

Throughout the instructor training, I absorbed invaluable lessons. I learned how to respond to participants’ needs, when to step back and allow them to navigate their personal journeys, all while providing unwavering support. This process highlighted the realization that helping others also facilitated my own healing. The Mota Method operates as an alternative way to aid others – a gentle guiding rather than a forceful pushing. I came to understand that embracing vulnerability is not only acceptable but also necessary, especially given the immense support from my instructor.

Presently, I find myself halfway through completing the 40 patient sheets required for instructor certification. Looking ahead, I am eager to pursue a career as a Mota Method instructor, partnering with Paul Aitu at The Chiro Shed in Cambridge, Hamilton. This journey has been transformative, not only for my professional aspirations but also for my personal growth, and I am excited to continue spreading the profound benefits of The Mota Method.

Jose Garza Valdez

New Zealand


We will be with you every step of the way, ensuring you are supported, and learning from the best.


Barbara Baldieri March – USA

My name is Barbara Baldieri March and I am a Mota Method instructor. Becoming a certified Mota Method instructor has given me the opportunity to deepen my spiritual practice, activate my true potential and live in complete surrender and harmony throughout my life.  After more than hundreds of sessions with Sandro and then becoming a certified Mota Method instructor I am committed to building a strong foundation of who I am as a spiritual being, living my truth, and my authenticity.I am now helping others to realign the mind body and spirit so that they can unleash what no longer serves them and re-ignite their passion for themselves and regain their self-confidence as individuals in order to stay connected at a deeper soul level. Beginning to truly live as the best versions of themselves through this practice. 

Thank you Sandro for guiding and helping me achieve the unimaginable. I am forever grateful to you!

Joseph Francis – USA

My name is Joseph Fances, I recently became certified instructor for the Mota Method. This hybrid version of healing therapy has been an amazing experience, there is so much to offer. The profound journey of gaining self-awareness and self-discovery, diving deep into my unconscious mind has allowed me to make my conscious mind be present.

There has been a lot of pain and a lot of work, but it has been some of the best and most rewarding work I have done in my life. It has given me so much clarity to move forward. I’m very thankful to now have these tools to truly help people from a place of love, and actually understand how to do that. Using the right tools to help people figure out things for themselves in their own way and their own time. I couldn’t have done that without this journey and this course.

So I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in deepening their faith in themselves and finding a better way to help themselves and others. Sandro Mota has developed a great hybrid of healing therapy that I would highly recommend to anybody. Sandro, thank you. The Mota Method thank you, I look forward to the next chapter.

Paul Aitu – New Zealand

I am a dedicated facilitator of intuitive transformation, optimising one’s innermost potential through reflective nurturing of all aspects of the Spirit , the Mind & the Body . Embracing universal principles of Health, Wellbeing and Peak Performance . Where there is life – there is hope– where there is a desire to change – there is an opportunity – Take the opportunity to discover…..

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Jose Garza Valdez – New Zealand

My name is Jose, but known to most as Gus. I am deeply passionate about breathwork and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this transformative practice. I have undergone extensive training in The Mota Method, a hybrid of breathing techniques and emotional release techniques brought together to enhance one’s life through breath. I am trained to create individualized experiences for my customers and deliver powerful results to enhance one’s life.I have a warm and compassionate nature which flows through into my work, coupled with a dedication to promoting well-being.

I really enjoy seeing the transformational benefits clients see from The Mota Method practices and am looking forward to strengthening not only my practice but also inspiring the practice of others in years to come.

Contact Details

Craig Pickens – New Zealand

I’m a 50-year-old farmer named Craig, and I’ve been involved in farming ever since I left school. My deep passion lies in working the land and raising animals. Being an avid outdoors enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoy spending time in nature. Alongside me on this journey is my partner, and together, we live on our farm situated in the remote heart of New Zealand. Our family includes four wonderful daughters who bring joy to our lives.

One day, I stumbled upon the practice of breathwork by sheer chance. The experience intrigued me, and I found myself captivated by its effects. When the opportunity arose for me to become an instructor in breathwork, I eagerly embraced it. Now, I’m excited to share the transformative power of this practice with others.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to reach out via email at


The easiest answer is NO. While BREATHWORK is one of the elements of this therapy, the Mota Method encompasses much more! Each session consists of two parts. In the first part, a highly skilled Mota Method therapist provides dedicated care to the client through what may appear as a simple “CONVERSATION.” However, this conversation serves as a profound self-inquiring process, typically lasting around 1 hour. Following this, the client is then guided into the MOTA METHOD BREATHWORK part of the session, which also takes approximately 1 hour.

The Mota Method sessions have proven beneficial for various individuals, including:

  • Extremely successful business owners seeking a more meaningful life and a deeper understanding of themselves as individuals.
  • Teenagers navigating the challenges of transitioning into adulthood.
  • People dealing with grief and searching for inner peace.
  • Rape victims seeking healing and empowerment.
  • Individuals coping with various traumatic experiences.
  • Those ready to create the lives they have always dreamed of by unraveling the layers that stem from a disconnected mind, body, and spirit, thus unlocking their full potential.

The Mota Method stands as an ADVANCED HEALING THERAPY, offering the capacity to access unconscious aspects of the mind, which demands courage from participants. Prior to beginning the transformative journey, we ensure that new clients have a conversation with their instructor, providing them with insights into what they may experience during the sessions. Ultimately, it is up to the potential client to decide if they are ready for this profound transformation. Remarkably, even after just one session, new participants are typically impressed by the outcomes. For substantial and lasting results, we recommend that every new client embarks on our 4-week program, with one session each week. Many of our Mota Method clients choose to continue the transformative work for 10 weeks, often leading to what they describe as a “LIFE TRANSFORMATION.”

The Mota Method is a drug-free therapy that prioritizes safety and is generally considered safe for almost everyone. However, before engaging in a program with any of The Mota Method instructors, there are a few health considerations to take into account.

We have a small list of health conditions that we consider as potential risks to the client, including: serious heart conditions, schizophrenia, pregnancy, epilepsy, glaucoma, and uncontrolled high blood pressure. Although if controlled with medication, it is generally acceptable. Ensuring the well-being and safety of our clients is of utmost importance to us.

While anyone can experiment with breathwork on their own, it’s essential to understand that the Mota Method goes beyond just a simple breathing practice; it encompasses much more. We believe it’s crucial for our clients to have at least 10 guided sessions before attempting it on their own.

During a Mota Method experience, you may access memories and past experiences that have been “forgotten” or kept dormant as a protective response. This requires careful handling to ensure both safety and efficacy. Our certified instructors have undergone meticulous training to skillfully open these pathways safely, and more importantly, to close them safely as well. Having a trained instructor to guide you through the process ensures a secure and transformative journey within the Mota Method therapy.

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