What is the Mota Method?

Are you ready to live your life filled with clarity purpose and joy?

Sandro Mota has created a powerful and revolutionary style of breathwork and spiritual healing called The Mota Method. For thirty years, Sandro has delved deep into his own personal faith; finding meaning, understanding and a concrete connection to The Divine. Within his daily practice, he has spent time seeking various modalities to help others find the same sense of peace and inner wisdom that he himself carries. Through this journey and dedicated learning, he has created a unique combination of breathwork and spiritual companionship. This provides others a portal into their inner selves, to meet and accept their inner wisdom, cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness and a willingness to access their natural innate healing potential.

The Mota Method is an advanced spiritual therapy, where a variety of techniques meet The Sacred. The method offers a range of programs, including breathwork workshops, private and group sessions, and the support of individuals in achieving their wellness goals. It offers a profound journey of self-discovery in which participants discover themselves within the loving embrace of The Divine. Sandro also offers specialized training for individuals who feel called to this work. This is a serious process in which the vocation to heal and love others unconditionally using The Mota Method is carefully evaluated.

Every session is specially designed to provide a safe, sacred space for spiritual growth and sharing. It is an individual or group process in which each participant focuses upon recognizing, letting go and forgiving the past hurts or traumas which every individual carries. This then leads to acceptance and peace. It is an introduction to the magic and mystery of the breath, a simple, ever-present and sacred tool that can be used to bring balance and harmony to everyday life. Every single individual in a private or group session is met with a face of love.

The Mota Method holds the belief that each individual is created by God and must be treated with dignity. Therefore, The Mota Method does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status.


Working with The Mota Method was a tremendous experience where he takes you inward to places you are able to access through his unique breath work. If you are looking for answers, for peace, or a higher level of consciousness, don’t hesitate to work with Sandro.

Brian Thomas Grazer

Film and television producer and writer – Academy Award winner.

You can get rid of jealousy, hate, revenge. God, I wish you would’ve done it this different way. You cannot change yesterday’s newspaper. But yesterday’s newspaper affects you. And that’s why I think that, The Mota Method is really, really cool, and those people involved with it, because it does go back and you’re investing in yourself when you do it. I wish everybody out there a life of peace, love, and happiness. But remember, priorities in life are happiness number one, health number two, and everything else comes after that.

John Paul Dejoria 

Co-founder of Paul Mitchell hair products & Patron Tequila founder.


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